Mar 022014

I realized today that I’ve moved into the ranks of “decidedly adult.” As opposed to “can skirt by with self-identifying as ‘young adult’ ” or even “early 30s.” What caused me to realize this? It wasn’t turning 35; that happened a few weeks back. It wasn’t finding out I have another child on the way; that happened several weeks before that.

No, it was having a few minutes to do housework in peace, with D taking T out of the house for an hour or two to play elsewhere. And deciding to listen to some music. And recalling, well, I dig on Regina Spektor and, well, the boy decidedly does not (going so far as to attempt to smash the computer to get the piano and vocals to stop). And put on “Far.” Which I was thinking of as “Regina Spektor’s new album, which I’ve been meaning to listen to more.” When I discovered the damned thing is almost five years old, and Regina’s got at least one subsequent studio album. A subsequent studio album I actually bought back in 2012, and which I haven’t yet gotten around to listening to. Me = old.

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